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Data collection - Analysis - Track and trace

MES Data verzameling

Data collection

Over the course of the entire production process, a tonne of data is produced. This information is collected by sensors and gauges installed in all crucial areas of the production process. The Data Collection functionality stores all these data. The unique reference used is the work order: during the production run, everything is connected to it. That makes it possible to find out exactly what happened during the execution of that specific order at any time. These data are used for Track & Trace and Analysis.

MES Analyse


During the execution of the production process, a vast amount of data is being generated. How fast is each line running, what is the loss rate, where do problems keep occurring and how long is a line shut down? We recommend implementing the Data Collection functionality alongside Analysis (including OEE) and Track & Trace. Analysing these data will provide insight into bottlenecks that are often easily resolved.

MES Track and Trace

Track and Trace

To know exactly where and when certain ingredients or raw materials were used and where the end product is being stored, you can use the Track & Trace functionality. This component of Visual Link Software retrieves the data it needs from the Data Collection module. The module allows you to track the production stream in both a top-down and a bottom-up manner. If you receive a complaint about an end product, for example, you can easily find out what went wrong and where and when it happened. If you trace the problem back to an issue with a raw material, you can then quickly determine if the same material was used for the production of any other products and if so, what products are affected.

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