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Satisfied customers

Many customers in the process industry already utilise our MES solution successfully. Some customers have only implemented a few of the available functionalities, such as Planning and Definition or Data Collection and Track & Trace. Others utilise everything that Visual Link Software has to offer to optimise their processes.

Whether a production site uses just a few or all modules, our customers agree on one thing; the software engineers at Visual Link know what they are doing and they are intimately familiar with the product, the production process and everything surrounding it. With virtually no downtime, they are able to implement the solution and realise a smooth transition.

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Royal ViV Buisman

The demand for different types of dairy products is growing. Royal VIV Buisman in Zelhem is familiair with this. The company is the second-largest producer of butter in the Netherlands and it is exporting more and more of its products to destinations all over the world. For the butter and milkfat producer, cream is the key resource.

Kornelis 202

Kornelis Caps and Closures

The Steenwijk-based company Kornelis Caps & Closures (KCC) is making great progress on its ambitious plan to turn its production site into a smart factory. Hellebrekers Industrial Automation assists Kornelis with this project by implementing the Visual Link MES software.

Koekjes Aviateur


Aviateur Banketbakkerijen wanted to further optimise its production process, e.g. through a more efficient coordination between the production and packaging departments and with better insight into its processes. Aviateur called in the help of Hellebrekers, the developers of Visual Link Software.

Afbeelding projectbeschrijving van Wijhe Verf

Royal van Wijhe Verf

At Royal van Wijhe Verf, thousands of kilograms of raw materials - all packaged in paper bags - were used by the factory every single day. By constructing silos outside, the operators can now add the raw materials to the production process faster and more efficiently. Among other things, Hellebrekers IA was asked to take care of the management and visualisation of the refilling of the raw materials and the emptying of the silos.

Protifarm Productieproces


Protifarm produces sustainable food ingredients made from farmed insects. These are used in e.g. baking products and meat substitutes. Although working with live "raw materials” calls for a slightly different approach, Visual Link's team was able to optimise this company's production process as well.

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