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The Definition functionality contains all specifications for each individual product. It contains a detailed description of the correct machine settings and what mould, roller or other type of template to use. Furthermore, the most suitable and optional production lines are defined for each individual product. One of the key benefits of this functionality has to do with the consistent quality of the output. Recording all parameters will result in similar products in both the short term (single orders) and long term (recurring orders). Another benefit is that there are fewer (manual) errors in the composition. This will result in less waste, because there are virtually no rejected batches anymore.

MES Resources


To a certain extent, it is possible to manually track all the machines and materials in a production facility. However, there will come a point at which this approach is no longer feasible. The demand for product diversity is growing, which in turn requires the use of more machines, production lines, moulds, rollers, storage locations, different raw materials, etcetera. Digitisation of all these different resources creates overview and insight into availability and location. All available materials and machines are digitally entered into the Resources functionality. It is also possible to link specific employees, so the Planning functionality can take this information into account. The planner has real-time insight into the available inventory and assets and Visual Link's smart software helps them plan the most optimal production runs. Resources are first reserved via the planning. Production then specifies what was actually used. This continuous process creates real-time insight into the available resources.

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