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Afbeelding projectbeschrijving van Wijhe Verf

At Koninklijke van Wijhe Verf, thousands of kilograms of raw materials - all packaged in paper bags - were used by the factory every single day. By constructing silos outside, the operators can now add the raw materials to the production process faster and more efficiently. Another reason for Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf to start using silos instead of individual bags was to increase the sustainability of its production process. Among other things, Hellebrekers IA was asked to take care of the management and visualisation of the refilling of the raw materials and the emptying of the silos.

Process description

Due to the bulk unloading, the work processes also had to be modified. That affects the design of the production control system. For the control and visualisation, Hellebrekers uses its proprietary Manufacturing Execution System (MES) package Visual Link Software in combination with the visualisation program ViSpro. For example, sensors inside the silos measure the volume of the raw materials inside. This information is then displayed in real time on an HMI display in the production facility. This grants the operator insight into the available inventory in each silo. The many different recipes are now also stored digitally in MES, where they can easily be retrieved when needed.


In total, there are now five circa fifteen-metre-tall silos on the site in Zwolle, each with a capacity of 85 cubic metres. Vacuum transport tubes carry the raw materials from the silos to the production facility, where they are then processed further. This new solution saves the company a wealth of valuable time. A sustainable and clearly measurable result is the reduced waste production, since raw materials are no longer delivered in individual paper bags. As all raw materials are now transported through closed systems of tubes, dust formation has also been greatly reduced.

Binnenzijde fabriek van Wijhe Verf

About Royal van Wijhe Verf

Royal Van Wijhe Verf was established in 1916. The company has had the same name for four generations. Sustainability is one of the organisation's key concerns. The company produces various brands, of which Wijzonol is the best known in the Netherlands. Its international brand Ralston is sold all over the world

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